Construction Site Inspections

QuickDraw Fund Control employs trained inspectors to investigate and report on the progress of a construction project. This process includes in-depth site inspections to ensure all services agreed upon from the start are being executed properly and according to the construction schedule. Generally, site inspections resume after a draw request is received. A team of inspectors travel to the site and conduct an inspection to provide information that either supports or questions the draw request.


The scope of services performed by our inspectors include:


• VISIT THE SITE. QuickDraw Fund Control is the lender’s eyes and ears at the construction site. We don’t work from a distance. Regularly, we visit and walk the project site to gain in-person perspective on its progress.


• COMPLETE PROPERTY CHECKLIST. Each construction project has unique conditions. Based on the service agreement created at the beginning of a lender relationship, QuickDraw Fund Control gauges how the progress of the project matches the expectations set forth by the lender.


• PHOTOGRAPH THE PROPERTY. QuickDraw Fund Control upholds transparency in every report we provide. Photographs of the property provide an in-person perspective for the lender so they can view progress and determine if it matches the draw request.


• REPORT TO LENDER ON ALL FINDINGS. After going through this list of actions, QuickDraw Fund Control creates and delivers a report for the lender based on our observations.


Lenders use QuickDraw Fund Control’s comprehensive reports as critical information when making payments. Even lenders who manage the fund control process in-house will outsource inspections to QuickDraw Fund Control due to our thorough review and expert recommendations. As such, these construction site inspection services are also available a la carte to the lender