Project Photo Documentation

An important step within QuickDraw Fund Control’s site inspections includes documenting construction progress through photos. High-quality photographs provide an in-person experience for the lenders without the hindrance of leaving the office. By including photo documentation in our draw request reports, lenders receive detailed and visual information that aids in making their payment decisions.


When a draw request is received, trained inspectors travel to the site to photograph at all elevations—from the front, rear, side, above, and inside. We leave no detail behind. This comprehensive portfolio of property photos gives the lender a clear picture of the current state at the construction site. Then, when the draw request is reviewed, the lender knows exactly what progress has transpired. In addition to a written progress report, photographs add supplementary details.


From the photos, two things occur. Either the construction photographs support the borrower’s request for funds or the photographs reveal a request has been made in advance of completion and thus provides reason to adjust the draw. Combined with a written report, our construction site photo documentation service helps lenders make informed decisions based on facts.


Due to the time it takes to accurately document and reports on the progress of a construction site, many lenders who manage fund control internally still choose to outsource inspections to QuickDraw Fund Control. Services including photo documentation are always available a la carte in a way that caters to the lender’s needs.